10 Reasons To Buy A Kia

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10 Reasons to Buy a Kia

Everyone has at least one good reason for every purchase they make.When we buy a car we want to make sure it has all the things it needs to give us that thrill every time we hit the road. Kia manufacturers know just what that means and keeps it in the front of their mind when each model is created. Here are 10 good reasons to buy a Kia.

1. Awards

It would be difficult to list all the accolades Kia has been awarded during the past few years. The company is especially proud of the J.D. Power and Associates’ Initial Quality Study (new owner satisfaction), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Top Safety Rating, and the Kelly Blue Book Best Value Brand awards.

2. Versatility

Kia has something for everyone. That means if you are a mom driving your kids to school each day or a top executive of a large corporation, we have the car for you. The Kia lineup has 14 models all the way from the edgy Kia Soul to the luxurious K900 with a number of 5-door compacts, crossovers, sedans, hybrids and SUVs along with the popular Kia Sedona minivan.

3. Reviews

Most people have read Amazon Customer Satisfaction reviews for products sold on their website. If Kia sold vehicles on Amazon, they would command a whopping 5 star ratings because its customer satisfaction surveys are typically through the roof. In fact, they are 25 points higher that the average customer satisfaction in the industry.

4. Reliability

If reliability is what you are after, there is no reason to look any further than Kia. This vehicle brand offers an entire range of reliable vehicles which are backed by the best warranty in the industry with its 10-year/100,000 miles.

5. Price

Although Kia vehicles are priced well, that does not mean the company skimps on quality. Quite the contrary is true since all Kia vehicles are constructed of the highest quality materials and are designed with true durability. At the same time, Kia is continually improving on its vehicle designs, even when that involves things you may never see. They put in this kind of effort to improve safety and quality.

6. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is another area in which Kia excels because all its vehicles offer exceptional fuel economy without losing anything on comfort, sportiness or comfort. For even more fuel economy, there are also two hybrids, Kia’s Optima Hybrid and the Soul EV really step it up a notch.

7. Technology

Kia also wins on the race track by incorporating the latest technologies into its sports cars which, as everyone knows filters down into street models.

8. Appearance

Even the unique appearance of Kia vehicles is something to be desired because we all want to stand out from all the rest. With Kia, you get to drive a luxurious looking vehicle purchased at a sensible price.

9. Safety

Safety ratings are often the most sought after features of car shoppers and Kia installs front seat belt pretensioners on all of its models along with front seat-mounted side airbags and dual front airbags. Other options you can choose are blind spot detection, rear backup cameras, rear cross traffic alert, and roll over mitigation and that makes safety Kia’s number one consideration.

10. Warranty

What every car owner envies about Kia vehicles is the amazing KIA warranty. With that and the World Car lifetime coverage, Kia owners never lose sleep worrying about their cars. The highly trained Kia service technicians work hard to ensure your car is always running properly.

Now that you know more about why you should own a Kia, get in touch with our dealership and schedule a test drive.