2019 Kia Models with Automatic Climate Control

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Kia Climate Control

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2019 Kia Models with Automatic Climate Control

Automotive advancements are becoming more innovative with each passing year. Whether it’s premium audio or technological-engine components, most automakers are enhancing the vehicles with an abundance of usable features. Climate control is one of the better advancements in this class, but not all climate-control systems are the same.

Kia, South Korea’s second-largest automaker, has equipped many of its vehicles with automatic climate control. You may be asking, “what’s the difference between standard air conditioning and automatic climate control?” Well, there’s a vast difference among the two, and automatic climate control outperforms its counterpart. Standard air conditioning in vehicles will keep you cool by staying on at a specific cooling and blowing setting. After some time has passed, this setting will continue until it’s turned off. At this point, the inside of your car could be at freezing temperatures because the unit doesn’t have the intelligence to distribute the cold air throughout the automobile properly.

Automatic climate control is more so of an intelligent system because it will properly distribute the cool air throughout the vehicle while maintaining the desired temperature. For example, if you were to set your automatic climate control at 72 degrees, your vehicle’s system will utilize sensors to regulate the air temperature. Air distribution and blower speeds will also automatically adjust to regulate a comfortable cabin temperature throughout the interior. The driver won’t necessarily have to fumble with or turn any knobs to keep a steady flow of cool air circulating. Automatic climate control has a mind of its own. So, which vehicles from Kia possess this exceptional attribute? Here is a quick look at some of the 2019 models below.

  • Forte: Base, LXS, S & EX trims
  • Optima: S, SX & Ex trims
  • Stinger: 2.0-liter Base, Premium, GT, GT1 & Gt2 trims
  • Soul EV: EV+ & Base trims
  • Sportage: EX & SX Turbo
  • Sedona: SX
  • K900: Luxury Trim Only
  • And Many More…

If you’re uncertain about the specific type of Kia that possesses this feature, or if you would like more general information, then stop by our location in Woodstock, Georgia.

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