How To Reset Your Car’s Service Light

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How To Reset Your Car’s Service Light

Every modern automobile has a service light, also known as a service engine soon light, which informs drivers that their vehicles need one or more types of maintenance or repair to operate like they’re supposed to. In some cases, service engine lights aren’t dire in the slightest and should be ignored. However, these warning messages could be extremely serious and should be tended to immediately.

In the past, drivers and mechanics had no choice but to diagnose issues that their vehicles were having. Owners who valued their vehicles likely serviced and maintained their motor vehicles too frequently, though spending more money on these expenses was a far superior option to dealing with expensive repairs down the road.

Since 1996, consumer vehicles in the United States began to be equipped with on-board diagnostics features. Cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and other automobiles were outfitted with basic computers that could inform owners, drivers, and mechanics of problems that vehicles were having. Vehicles outfitted with such technology relays information to drivers by signaling the service engine light on their dashboards.

Once their operators were able to visit mechanics or auto parts stores who had diagnostic code readers, they could figure out what was going on with their vehicles.

In most modern vehicle makes and models, on-board diagnostics code readers can be plugged into ports somewhere below the steering wheel. In seconds, one or more five-digit data trouble codes were displayed on the screen of code readers. Today, people can readily look these codes up using smartphones and computers. However, before the World Wide Web was made widely available, codes could be read by interpreting the meaning of each individual character.

The first character is one of four letters: P, C, B, or U. Respectively, they indicate that a vehicle is having problems with its powertrain, chassis, body, or user network. Each of the next four digits, each of which is a number between 0 and 9, can be interpreted in a similar fashion.

You should never initially ignore your vehicle if its service engine soon light comes on. As soon as possible, you should have its data trouble code read. Once you’ve addressed the problem by visiting a mechanic who knows what he’s doing, paid for all potential problems causing the service engine light to come on to be taken care of, and re-read the codes that the vehicle’s diagnostic tool spits out after the service engine light continues to come back on, you can safely start to ignore your car’s service light.

Never turn your car’s service light off, deactivate it, or reset it until you’ve done your due diligence to figure out what could potentially be causing the warning light to flare up.

The most reliable, direct means of resetting your car’s service light is to use the hard reset option. Once your vehicle is off, take the negative terminal clamp off of the battery. It’s colored black if you have trouble finding it.

Press the brake pedal for roughly 60 seconds. After a minute has passed, let off of the brake and hook the negative battery terminal back up to your car’s battery.

If performed correctly, your service light should be off.

We get it – understanding the ins and outs of your car’s service light isn’t easy. However, our qualified team of expert automotive technicians at Carriage Kia of Woodstock is fully trained in reading diagnostic codes and responding to check engine lights. Come by our dealership to learn more about your check engine light or to simply have your car’s diagnostic codes read.

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