How to Operate Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert

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Kia Rear Traffic Alert

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How to Operate Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert

What Is Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Driving scenarios can sometimes prove to be overwhelming for some drivers. Cross traffic is definitely one of those nerve-racking driving situations that cause many drivers to lose their confidence and sometimes even get into accidents. Thankfully, Kia has come up with a solution called Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert. If you’re backing up and there’s cross traffic behind your vehicle, your vehicle is going to be able to “sense” that traffic digitally, and then your car is going to warn you by a visual warning and an auditory series of beeps that are loud enough to help you avoid backing out into that cross traffic.

How To Operate Kia Rear Cross Traffic

It’s easy to operate Rear Cross Traffic Alert in that it runs in the “background” of your driving activities and you don’t need to do anything to use it! If you’re backing up, your vehicle is going to use digital sensors to keep an “eye” on cross traffic behind you. This utilizes your rearview backup camera or your mirror sensors, and when you are getting to close to traffic behind you, you’ll get a yellow indicator light letting you know that trouble is behind you. A noise will alert you that you’re about to back into oncoming traffic, something that no driver wants to do at any point on the road.

This Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature was once an advanced safety feature that was optional or on higher trims, but by 2017, Rear Cross Traffic Alert was available as a standard feature on almost every single model of Kia and every trim. Why? Well, it’s an essential part of a safe drive. Backing up when there might be traffic behind you is truly stressful. Now with a little help from your Kia digital sensors and your cameras, you’re going to be able to confidently back up without having to worry quite as much as you did in the old days. Still, before buying a Kia vehicle, make sure that Rear Cross Traffic Alert is available on the model and trim that you want to buy. This is truly one safety feature that you won’t want to live without, as it can truly prevent accidents. It’s an invaluable part of a completely safe Kia vehicle, and we highly encourage our loyal customers to go with a model that has this one!

Learn More Today

If you have any questions about Rear Cross Traffic Alert on your Kia vehicle, please contact us right away. If your feature is malfunctioning our service team can fix it! If you want to buy a vehicle with this feature, just call us today and ask us which models will ensure you get Rear Cross Traffic Alert. For any and all other questions, we’re always here when you need us. Our friendly team loves the Kia brand, and sharing it with our customers is our life’s work. We can be reached via the website contact form, by phone, or by visiting us in person. Our lot is full of exciting and luxurious Kia models just waiting for you to give them a home. A good many of these models have Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Just give us a call today if you need us.

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