How to Use Kia Optima Remote Start

December 28th, 2017 by


The KIA Optima Smart Key enables you to start or stop the engine at the push of a button. You can also use it to lock and unlock doors from the outside. When you stand behind the vehicle with your Smart Key, the trunk will open automatically.


Using the Optima Smart Key to start the vehicle is a snap:

  1. The Smart Key must be inside the car to start the engine.
  2. Check to see that the parking brake is firmly applied
  3. Check that you are in Park, and then depress the brake pedal.
  4. While depressing the brake pedal, press the ENGINE START/STOP button. Do not press the button for more than 10 seconds (except when you have a blown stop lamp fuse – see below).
  5. If the car hasn’t been driven for several days or the temperature is below zero, warm up the engine for a few minutes before starting to drive.

Remote Safety Tips

  • Make sure your foot is off the accelerator when starting the engine.
  • Keep the Smart Key close to you or the engine might not start.
  • Always have the Smart Key with you. If any door is opened when the ENGINE START/STOP button is in the ACC position or above, the system scans for the presence of the Smart Key inside the cabin. If not found, the warning light “Key is not in vehicle” will become visible on the LCD display. If all the doors are closed, you’ll hear a chime for five seconds. The warning light or chimes will extinguish if the car is moving.
  • Don’t allow children or other unqualified persons to touch the ENGINE START/STOP button.
  • Should the engine stall while you’re driving, DO NOT shift into Park. Instead, shift into Neutral (road and traffic conditions permitting) while the car is still in motion and try to restart the engine by pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button.
  • A weak battery might disable remote start. In this case, insert the Smart Key into its holder in the glove compartment to start the engine.
  • A blown stop lamp fuse requires a special start procedure until you can replace it. Put the starter in the ACC position and press the ENGINE START/STOP button for 10 seconds. Replace the fuse as soon as possible.
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