Carriage Kia of Woodstock Loaners 4 Life

The Loaners 4 Life Program

Is your vehicle in the shop being serviced & not looking forward to the wait? No worries, we have you covered with our “Loaners 4 Life Program”.

When you purchase a new vehicle from Carriage Kia of Woodstock or any other Carriage Location & are a customer in our service department you are eligible for the “Loaners 4 Life Program”, how great is that?

Our “Loaners 4 Life Program” allows all of our customers to be on top of their schedule, no missed appointments, no long waits while your vehicle is being serviced. The “Loaners 4 Life Program” applies to a wide range of services that require more than 4 hours to complete including:

  • Warranty Repairs
  • Customer Pay Repairs
  • Recall Repairs (subject to availability)
  • Scheduled Service Intervals

We will provide you a great loaner vehicle from Carriage Kia of Woodstock to drive while your vehicle is being serviced. Keep on track with running your errands, appointments, shopping, picking up kids, you name it.

To remain eligible for our Loaners 4 Life Program you must have purchased your vehicle new from Carriage Kia of Woodstock and continued to maintain your vehicle with Carriage Kia of Woodstock per the manufacturer scheduled maintenance recommendations.

In order for us to provide the highest level of service, please request your loaner at the time of scheduling your appointment.

If you have any questions about our Loaners 4 Life Program, please contact our service department!

Disclaimer: Not transferable to any future owner. Loaners 4 Life Program benefits are not transferable and only apply for as long as the original Carriage Kia of Woodstock purchaser owns the covered vehicles. Loaners 4 Life Program is only available to vehicles purchased as new from Carriage Kia of Woodstock. Loaners 4 Life Program does not apply to routine service visits that require less than 4 hours to complete. Driver must be 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license & valid insurance including collision coverage. Proof of documents must be provided prior to taking the loaner vehicle.