UVO Overview: The Benefits & How To Use It

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Kia’s entrant in the informatics sweepstakes is Uvo, which adds important services and features to your car. Uvo connects your vehicle’s display with your smartphone to provide functions that enhance security, safety and convenience.

 Benefits of UVO

Uvo offers a set of essential services, available in three different suites – eServices, eco and luxe – depending on your Kia model:

  • Roadside Assistance: Summon a trained agent anytime at the push of button. You don’t have to look up a phone number or figure out your location to get assistance.
  • 911 Connect: Automatically calls 911 if an airbag deploys and sends your location to a trained response agent.
  • Hands-Free Calling and Texting: Safely communicate while driving using this advanced voice recognition technology.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility: Engage the features of these smartphone apps while in your vehicle.
  • Parking Minder: Remembers your parking location so that you don’t get lost when you return to the parking lot. Also reminds you to “feed the meter” if necessary.
  • My POIs and Send to Car: Add points of interests on online portal or smartphone app and sync to Kia to retrieve driving directions.
  • Trip Info: Store your driving data, such as speed, distance, frequency and driving score.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Check your car’s condition at the push of a button and call Roadside Assistance if necessary.
  • Critical Diagnostic Alert: Receive a warning if your vehicle needs immediate attention due to the occurrence of certain critical issues.
  • My Car Zone: Let’s you set and monitor geofencing, speed alerts and curfew when another driver borrows your car.
  • Eco: For hybrid vehicles, you can set charge schedules, check your phone for charging status, perform remote lock/unlock, find charging stations, find your vehicle, set valet alerts and set climate control.
  • Luxe: Provides remote engine stop/start in addition to other essential services.

 How to Use UVO

Uvo is designed for easy, intuitive use:

  • Setup: Install, run and register Uvo on your smartphone, then connect your smartphone to your Kia using a USB cable. Start up Uvo by pressing any Uvo menu item on the car’s display. Set eServices Connect: Set Parking Monitor to automatically operate when you shift your Kia into Park, set default behavior if airbags should activate, and set driving limits with My Car Zone – curfew, speed limits and geofence. When you use eServices Connect the first time, you’ll set up a security PIN to prevent unauthorized changes. You can also set Trip Info Sync Reminder to automatically operate, and schedule diagnostics to run on a given day every month.
  • Select functions from menu: You can choose menu items to call Roadside Assistance, run diagnostics, use Parking Minder, set My Car Zone, retrieve Points of Interest or call Kia for services.

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