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When Your Kia Needs Oil Change Service, Come to Carriage Kia of Woodstock, GA, Serving Cherokee County

Unless you drive an all-electric vehicle, oil changes are part of life. To keep your Kia’s engine in good condition, you will need to have oil changes performed regularly — and we can help at Carriage Kia of Woodstock, serving Marietta and Roswell, Georgia. Find out more about our oil change services on this informative page, and then stop by when your Kia needs its next oil change.

What Does Engine Oil Do?

The internal combustion engine in your vehicle has several metal components that move very quickly. If these parts were not lubricated, they would quickly become damaged due to friction. This is where engine oil comes in. It serves as a lubricant to protect these parts from damage.

Why Does Your Kia Need an Oil Change?

No matter how high in quality your engine’s oil is, it will eventually degrade over time. As it does this, it will lose its viscosity, which in turn will make it less capable of keeping the various moving parts of your engine lubricated. It may be hard to notice at first, but even going a little too long between oil changes can decrease your engine’s overall lifespan. If you go even longer, old oil may have immediate adverse effects, and your engine might be destroyed by friction.

Conventional, Semi-Synthetic & Full Synthetic Oil Change in Woodstock, GA

There seems to be a bit of confusion with the idea of using conventional or synthetic oil, or a blend, in older or newer vehicles. Certain marketing aspects for each have resulted in urban myths about how one or the other is best used. The fact is, one type of oil is better for your specific make and model because it is designed that way. Consider what the oil does; it lubricates and cools the friction of pistons firing sparks and oxygen to create the energy the engine produces. The tolerances engineered into the design determine whether to use a lighter or heavier weight oil. Modern materials used inside the engine block require less cleaning during oil changes. In turn, synthetic oils are designed to withstand the heat and pressure better than traditional fuels.

  • Conventional – Kia recommends conventional oil changes every 3,000 miles or 3 months
  • Semi-Synthetic – Kia recommends semi-synthetic oil changes every 6,000 miles or 6 months
  • Full Synthetic – Kia recommends full synthetic oil changes every 7,500 miles or 12 months
  • Note: As always, Carriage Kia of Woodstock recommends checking your model’s owner’s manual for guaranteed oil change recommendations.
Kia Oil & Filter Change Service

What Are Other Benefits of Changing Your Kia’s Oil?

Of course, avoiding engine destruction is a good reason to have regular oil changes — but it’s far from the only reason! Having fresh oil helps your vehicle in other ways, too. It makes things easier for the cooling system to keep the engine from overheating since a well-lubricated engine produces less heat from friction. Changing the oil regularly prevents sludge buildup, and it can make sure that you’re getting the best possible gas mileage out of your vehicle.

Why Choose Carriage Kia of Woodstock for Oil Change Service?

There’s no shortage of quick-lube oil change shops in Cherokee County, so why choose Carriage Kia of Woodstock? Unlike those other places, we employ Kia-certified experts who know your vehicle inside and out and who will treat it with the care it deserves. Our high-quality treatment includes the use of OEM oil filters and Kia-approved oil, so you can rest assured that your Kia is getting only the best. We also make sure that you stay comfortable while you wait for your oil change service. Our customer lounge is equipped with many impressive amenities, including complimentary snacks and a coffee bar with Starbucks coffee, free Wi-Fi, and so much more.

Types of Oil Changes Offered at Carriage Kia of Woodstock:

Kia Conventional Oil

Conventional Oil Change

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If you drive a vehicle that uses conventional oil, you have the choice of sticking to this type of oil. It is the least expensive type of oil at the time of service; however, it also needs to be changed frequently. If your Kia has conventional oil, you will need to have an oil change performed every 3,000 miles or 3 months — whichever comes first.

Kia Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil Change

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Synthetic oil is a little more expensive at the point of service, but it often pays for itself in the long run. This is because it lasts considerably longer than conventional oil so that you can go longer between oil changes. However, this is far from its only benefit; synthetic oil is superior when it comes to keeping your engine lubricated and protected. It flows better in extreme heat and extreme cold, and its even molecular structure keeps the engine better lubricated and cleaner. The detergent additives in synthetic oil also help engine cleanliness, which can help prevent sludge buildup.

Kia Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

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If you want some of the benefits of synthetic oil but aren’t sure about the price, or if you want to ease into synthetic from conventional, ask us about our synthetic blend options.

Kia Diesel Oil

Diesel Oil Change

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If you drive a vehicle with a diesel engine, it will need special diesel oil. This oil usually has a different viscosity than oil meant for gas engines; it also has additional anti-wear additives. These additives are required to keep a diesel engine in good operating condition, but they would damage or destroy the catalytic converter in a vehicle that uses gasoline.


Why Oil Must Be Changed

Oil has to be changed because manufacturing tolerances weren’t what they are in today’s world. Therefore, the valves and pistons befouled the oil by burning it with excessive heat and allowing grime to enter the system. Conventional oil was designed with such considerations. Modern CNC manufacturing standards have eliminated some of these problems, and allow for appropriately designed oils to last much longer.

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Oil

If the oil isn’t changed, several things can happen depending on the specifics of the car. Conventional oil breaks down, and the engine is no longer going to receive the benefits the oil provides, and break down. Modern synthetics might not break down and fail the way conventional oils do, but failing to change it can still lead to significant engine damages.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change Service at Carriage Kia of Woodstock, Serving Acworth and Canton, GA

When the time comes for you to schedule your next oil change, we make it easy with several ways to make your appointment at Carriage Kia of Woodstock. You can give us a call or use our online service scheduler to find the day and time that work for you. Since oil changes are relatively quick, you can also visit our express service lane, where no appointment is required! Our service department is open six days a week, so it’s easy to find a time to visit us for an oil change at Carriage Kia of Woodstock.

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Service Amenities at Carriage Kia of Woodstock
Service Amenities at Carriage Kia of Woodstock
Service Amenities at Carriage Kia of Woodstock
Service Amenities at Carriage Kia of Woodstock



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